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Intro and Updates

Hi all!  This is Geoff Routh.  I curate the list of websites, companies, institutions, and other useful genomics resources for GenomeSource.  I’ve been in Biotech for too long (over 20 years…), but am absolutely amazed by the progress we’re seeing these days.  I will be adding new resources as I find them, and will write posts here to tell you what I’ve found.  From time to time, I will also share what I find as I continue to scan the news, attend meetings, and hear things “through the grapevine.” Updates For today, I added: Curematch, GenomeNext Phalanx Biotech Please search for them on the site, and have a look! Cheers, Geoffrey, Routh Ph.D. (Marketing and BizDev Manager at BioChain inc)

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